BpAFS (Automated Fingerprinting System)

Fingerprint is the only judicially authenticated biometric technology for forensic applications and widely used in several national public benefit programs all over the world. Behin Pajouhesh engineering company is one of the most leading companies providing large and medium scale fingerprint solutions throughout Middle and Far East. It has developed the first professional fingerprint enrollment system with the following subsystems:


  • Identity Registration
  • Providing standard or user-defined data entry forms
  • Supporting automatic capture of full and half-length faces
  • Supporting metadata storage

BpAFS Identity Registration


  • Plane Fingerprint Acquisition

BpAFS Plane Fingerprint Acquisition


  • Roll Fingerprint Acquisition
  • Supporting automatic free-style finger rolling procedure
    • Software-based detection of finger-plate contacts
    • Intelligent prediction of rolling procedure Rolling start and end
      Forward and backward rolling
      Rolling pause or termination
    • Intelligent prediction of rolling procedure
  • Supporting real-time presentation of rolling procedure results
    • Intelligent selection of best fingerprint areas in each captured frame during rolling procedure
    • High precision piecing of selected areas as a unit roll fingerprint without any defects l
  • Providing intelligent roll fingerprint evaluation

BpAFS Roll Fingerprint Acquisition

  • Clustering of Plane Handprints
    • Providing plane four-fingerprints Classification
      • Intelligent recognition of fingers in four-finger prints
      • High-precision clustering of handprints
      • Real-time fingerprints classification and evaluation

  • Comparing Plane & Roll Fingerprints
    • Matching roll and clustered plane fingerprints to prevent substitution of fingers in rolling procedure
      • Extracting features of plane and roll fingerprints
      • Equalizing of feature templates to perform matching
      • Matching of equalized plane and roll templates
    • Supporting final review of processed fingerprints
    • Providing overall reports on fingerprinting procedure

BpAFS Comparing Plane & Roll Fingerprints

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