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Behin Pajouhesh came to existence in the field of producing commodities and services on 1998. The functioning view sight of this company has been based on creating a knowledge oriented organization. Employing young and outstanding graduate students of universities to perform practical researches has been of the most important ways to implement the policy. Behin Pajouhesh is a customer?oriented company and its essential programs of are to understand and recognize the customers’ needs and to try best to satisfy those needs.Behin Pajouhesh, to lead human sources correctly as the most important capital of the company has established a scientific board by the cooperation of the best experienced professors of the prestigious universities in Iran. Compiling the major scientific and technical strategies in the company and acting as the references of policies for the managers of the company, are the most considerable functions of this board. In the middle levels of the organization structure, the technical board and other units are trying to serve the major objectives of the company.Behin Pajouhesh as an innovative organization with belief in cooperative management and trust in its greatest capitals; capable and competent managers and experts and with the motto of Research, Innovation, World Wide Honor Achievements is after the following objectives:

  • trying to discover technical and technological straits in the country.
  • performing searches aimed at innovation and removal of those straits.
  • respecting customers rights as the major partners of company.
  • profitable use of scientific technical abilities of the experts and strengthening those abilities.
  • commitment to learn the world new technology and international honor achievement.

Behin Pajouhesh by mobilizing all the faculties and resources is continuing its scientific and technical efforts and is trying to design and manufacture new products. Believing in the aforementioned aims, warmly welcomes the presence and cooperation of researchers, examiners and innovators.

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