Behin AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

Using fingerprints has been accepted publicly for the reason of legal compulsion from a long time ago. In so far as this technology has been converted from a legal compulsion to a civil tool and also enjoys a commercial figure and a high share in the market and is used in number of functions. Delicacy and convenience of this process is to such an extent that even today with lots of progressions in other sectors like identification of voice, face and iris, the only fingerprint is accredited by the Judiciary for issuing final verdicts.

In the years following the events of 9/11, governments and corporations have dedicated extensive resources toward improving border control systems, deterring criminal activity, and securing critical resources. Organizations and governments continue to turn toward biometric identifiers for security as biometric technology has become less costly, mass issuance of biometrically-enabled credentials such as smart cards and ePassports has become more viable, and the overall technology has become more reliable.

Behin Pajouhesh Company is an Iranian company that researches and develops both software and hardware biometric productions. After carrying out extensive researches and by exploiting local experts the company has succeeded to achieve the ability to collect and search on large scale biometrical databases that include millions of fingerprints.

Primary Applications for this technology:

Physical Access: Secure areas , Transportation lots.

Logical Access: Network (LAN, WAN, Secure transactions)

Confidential files: Payroll, Trade secrets

Government Applications: Border Crossing, Driver License, Voter

Registration, Healthcare Other Services

Law Enforcement: User Authentication/Verification, Criminal Records

Immigration Status Tracking, ID in time of Death

This system captures flat and rolled fingerprints electronically and converts them to the features after extraction process. Then in the matching stage, uses these features to determine the similarity between fingerprints. Because of using latest present progressions in algorithms of processing images and artificial intelligence both of the capturing technology and used matching algorithms are very accurate and hi-speed.

Benefits of Using Biometric Technology:

  • Accuracy/Security
  • Convenience
  • Cost/Savings

The most famous companies in the world are:

  • Sagem Morpho – France
  • Cogent Systems – Germany
  • NEC Corporation – Japan

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