Behin LiveScan FSCL A1

The Desktop FSCL-A1 LiveScan is Ultra lightweight and portable for use in Jump Kits and portable travel cases. You can set up a Desktop LiveScan in minutes. The only cabling required is a USB-2.0 connection between the scanner and a laptop or PC.

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Behin FSCL- A2 Integrated

The Bchinco FSCL-A2 Integrated Portable LiveScan System features a scanner housed in a slim, lightweight, yet sturdy casing. The device features capability for high-quality rolled and flat capturing.
The FSCL-A2 features: quality checking, real-time operator feedback, configurable textual entry and capture sequencing, and conformance with ANSI/NIST and FBI standards.
Optional components for the FSCL-A2 include a Transport Roller-case, which includes sturdy casters, and well-protected compartments for each component to protect the equipment against damage during transport.

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LiveScan LS-FB4-FSCL

Capture fingerprints, palmprints, mugshots, iris images, signature details and descriptive data such as scars and tattoos with a powerful biometric acquisition station. The LiveScan LS-FB4(FSCL), with its ruggedized, all- steel cabinet and intuitive software, facilitates efficient bookings in the law enforcement environment.

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