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Products and Solutions Overview

Using unique characteristic traits for identification of an individual has been around as long as mankind. Tribe-members knew and recognized one another and that was the basis for deciding if someone belonged or not. The recognition was based on the characteristic traits that each of us is born with. The determination and codification of these unique characteristics has evolved into the science of biometrics.

Biometrics is defined as the automated use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to Identify (the process of determining an identity by performing matches against multiple biometric samples) or Verify (the process of validating an identity by performing matches between two biometric samples) an identity.

Several biometric technologies have been developed and marketed during recent years which some of them can be mentioned as fingerprint, finger geometry, fingernail scan, palm scan, hand geometry, facial recognition, iris/retina scan, voice recognition, signature scan, keystroke scan, gait recognition, ear shape scan, odor scan and vein scan.

Market Share of Biometric Technologies

Fingerprint technology in its both AFIS and Non-AFIS applications is the most prominent biometric technology in large-scale low enforcement, medium-scale electronic commerce services and small-scale access control systems all over the world.

Fingerprint Technology

Fingerprint is one of the leading biometric technologies defined as a pattern of interleaved Ridges and Valleys on fingertip epidermis produced when finger is pressed against a smooth surface.

Two main types of important points around which the ridge lines are wrapped called singular points and used for fingerprint classification and indexing. There are also several important details in context of fingerprint called minutiae referring to various ways that the ridges can be discontinuous. Each minutia in a fingerprint has some special features such as Position, Type, Direction, Curvature and Density which are unique and can be used to identify or verify an identity.

There are several sample applications for fingerprint technology that

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can be classified in nine main categories:

  1. International Government
    • National ID programs
    • Passport, Visa and voting programs
    • Drivers licenses
    • Background Check
    • Border patrol
    • Prisoner tracking
    • Secure area and building access control
  2. Government
    • Building access control
    • Employee background checks
    • Detainee background checks
    • Criminal booking
    • Fraud prevention
    • Visitor management
    • Jail management
    • Computer access control
    • Border and port of entry control
  3. Law Enforcement
    • Criminal and civil background checks
    • Verifying an individual’s identity when purchasing a weapon
    • Capturing prints at pawn shops for tracking the sale of stolen goods
    • Capturing prints at check cashing locations for tracking check fraud
    • Capturing fingerprints from witnesses at a crime scene, or from family members
    • Capturing prints in court rooms to ensure the correct individuals are present
  4. Education/Child Safety
    • Fingerprint and photograph Child ID cards
    • Volunteer and employee background checks
    • Visitor Management of visitors to day care centers and schools
  5. Transportation
    • Credentialing transportation workers
    • Visitor management
    • Mobile ID verification
    • Background checks
    • Airport and border checks
    • Door and secure area access control
    • Passport Verification
  6. Banking/Finance
    • Background Checks
    • Visitor management
    • Door and secure area access control
    • Check cashing verification
    • ATM authentication
    • Mobile ID verification
  7. Health Care
    • Employee background checks
    • Doctor and nurse licensing
    • Patient record Access
    • Pharmacy Access Control
    • Hospital visitor management

Our Fingerprint Technology

Fingerprint is the only judicially authenticated biometric technology for forensic applications and widely used in several national public benefit programs all over the world. Behin Pajouhesh engineering company is one of the most leading companies providing large and medium scale fingerprint solutions throughout Middle and Far East. It has developed the first professional fingerprint enrollment and identification system with the following subsystems:

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (BpAFIS)

  • Fingerprint Acquisition
  • Fingerprint Filtering & Enhancement
  • Feature Extraction
  • Fingerprint Template Formation
  • Fingerprint Template Matching & Identification
  • Automated Fingerprinting System (BpAFS)
  • Identity Registration
  • Plane Fingerprint Acquisition
  • Roll Fingerprint Acquisition
  • Clustering of Plane Handprints
  • Comparing Roll & Plane Fingerprints
  • Reporting and Paper Printing
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